How The Holy Moments Book Has Shaped Rob’s Christian Empathy


God puts everyone in our path for a reason. Even when people are rude to us, it is important that believers show Christian empathy to them. In this clip, Rob talks about how the book “Holy Moments” has influenced his sense of empathy.

Holy Moments can happen anywhere - Christian EmpathyHoly Moments Book and Christian Empathy

Rob started the clip by sharing his new mantra for when he doesn’t feel like doing an important task: “Do it anyway”. This phrase has served him well in 2023. One of the things we rarely want to do involves encountering people who act rudely toward us for seemingly no reason.

Turn the other cheek? No way! Our instincts (and the world) tell us that we should let that person have it because of their disrespect. “Holy Moments” reminds us that we do not know what that person is going through in their life. Chances are, they are struggling with issues just like ours, and we caught them at a bad moment. If we see these encounters as opportunities to respond kindly instead, we may just bless that person, as well as ourselves.

Even a brief act of kindness can turn someone’s life around. There are no coincidences. God puts us in each others’ paths in order to accomplish His plan. Christian empathy means listening to the Holy Spirit, recognizing that fact, and responding with kind words and deeds.

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