Rob Rowsell’s Morning Spiritual Routine – Bible and Prayer

Rob details his morning spiritual routine. This includes prayer of gratitude, praying for friends, studying the Bible, and listening to worship music. Rob has no doubt that his Christian faith is the main reason he and his wife Claudia have been blessed so much by God. Watch and learn about Rob’s spiritual routine, including his daily spiritual practices.

spiritual routine - Regular Bible devotions are keyRob Outlines His Spiritual Routine

As Rob’s morning coffee is brewing, he slips on his bluetooth headphones. He starts his spiritual routine by listening to his worship music playlist. Hillsong United is a favorite.

Then, he pulls out his prayer list card and scans it. Currently, about four dozen concerns occupy his list. After a prayer of gratitude for all of his blessings, he intercedes for the concerns as the Holy Spirit leads him. He often texts folks who are on his prayer list to check in on their situations.

Next in his spiritual routine, Rob dives into the Word. Lately, he has been studying the Old Testament, since he has never studied it in detail. He is working through a “Read the Bible in a Year” plan now. He also is reading through a book which expands on the stories behind each book of the Bible, such as their authors and the places and times they were written in.

All totaled, Rob spends between one and two hours reading the Bible each morning. This includes journaling about what God is revealing to him during this study time, as well as what is going on in his life at the time. Journaling is a challenge for Rob. However, he does his best to power through and document the date, time, and place he is reading. He hopes that someday after his death, his grandkids will go through his Bible and his journal and learn from them.

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