In this clip from his review of “Addicted to Life” Chapter 2, Rob reviews Steven Covey’s seminal book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and discusses its practical applications. To watch the whole video and access more valuable lessons, sign up for the ALL-In ATL Community here!

Turnaround Point Book CoverGary Gunn, AAM’s book Turnaround Point is a total guide for auto repair shop owners. If you’re ready to turn your business around, download the chapter-by-chapter mp3s and the complete book in PDF format below. Apply these systems to your daily routine for maximum ROI from your staff!


Acknowledgements Download


Forward mp3 download

Chapter 1 – Auto Profit Maximizing

Chapter 1 mp3 download

Chapter 2 – Checking Under the Hood

Chapter 2 mp3 download

Chapter 3 – Turning it Around (Case Studies)

Chapter 3 mp3 download 

Chapter 4 – The “How-to” How-to

Chapter 4 mp3 download

Chapter 5 – Budgeting for Profit

Chapter 5 mp3 download

Chapter 6 – The Art of Getting Stuck in “No Reverse”

Chapter 6 mp3 download

Chapter 7 – There’s No App for That

Chapter 7 mp3 download

Book Download in PDF Format

Complete Turnaround Point Book PDF


You have got to be done!

Rob begins this series describing the moment he decided he was done with his drug addicted, prison bound lifestyle. To read about the rest of his story, buy the book “Addicted to Life” today at

Go For No thinking will revolutionize your thought pattern about the word “No”. My (Gary Gunn) personal experience has been mind boggling, mind expanding, and mind altering.
Click these links below and invest in your own Go For No Library. You will never regret this investment.

Document Downloads

“Go For No!” Training Program – Personal Implementation Guide


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