Rounding the Bases – Rob Rowsell’s Christian Faith Journey (ATL ALL-In Gathering Clip)

In this Gathering clip, Rob Rowsell took a break from his usual real estate and financial discussions in order to share about his Christian faith journey. Rob used a baseball diamond chart as an analogy for “rounding the bases” of spiritual maturity in Christ.

Serving in your local church is key to growing in your Christian Faith Journey.Christian Faith Journey as a Baseball Analogy

First Base is the start of the Christian faith journey. This is when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, and he cleanses you of all of your sins. While it may be the most important event in your walk, it is literally just the beginning!

As you round the rest of the bases, you are maturing. Second Base is your commitment to maturity. Studying your Bible and praying leads to a closer relationship with God. When you grow as a Christian through these steps, God sanctifies you and molds you into the image of His Son.

Heading to Third Base, you obey God and use the talents He blessed you with to serve in your local church. You will learn more about your gifts and where God wants you as you learn to hear His voice.

As we become head back to Home Plate, the end of our Christian faith journey, God wants us to become a Kingdom Builder. Jesus called us in the Great Commission to lead others to him and make them Disciples. At last, we assume the role of Missionary. This can be lived out overseas or right here in our own community.

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