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Rob shares his experiences on many topics, ranging from recovery from drugs and alcohol, to business development, to industry specific topics – such as Auto Repair and Real Estate, to Success Principles and Personal Development, to Spiritual Development, Marriage, and many other topics as well. He is both motivational and educational; always leaving his audience feeling inspired to want to be the best they can be. His transparency for what God has taken him through, and allowed him to accomplish, will leave you amazed and encouraged. You will definitely feel that if he can do it, so can you!

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Personal Coaching

Rob selects a few hand chosen individuals to work with each year to help them develop in the areas that they select are most important to them. Rob does believe in “full rounded” success, which involves strengthening your walk with God, taking your health to the next level, building your marriage and role as a parent to the best it’s ever been, continuing to develop your education in your chosen field, while creating a strong financial base to work from. Yes, all of these can be worked on simultaneously, one day at a time. By putting God first, the rest comes together!

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Rob has acquired failing businesses and turned them around to success, as well as started them from scratch, with great success. Whether you are looking for a one time business evaluation or ongoing, in depth, directional input, Rob can create a program for any budget. The value you will receive from the insight he has gained, from the experiences he has been through, will save you so much wasted effort from your success journey.

Request a “Breakthrough Session” with Rob to see if there might be a good fit to work together for your next level of breakthrough!

Addicted to Life book by Rob RowsellInterested in Rob’s book “Addicted to Life”? Request a sample chapter!

Have you ever felt like you are not living up to your full potential? As if you’ve grown complacent over time? Are you imprisoned in the confines of your comfort zone? Maybe this is easy to justify because of past successes, or because you‘re doing better than your friends and family.

Addicted to Life! How I Went from Homeless to Extraordinary Success and Happiness in a Short Period of Time will show you how to push beyond that plateau and experience the true success you deserve!

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