About Rob Rowsell

Rob Rowsell and his wife Claudia Rowsell

Rob and his beautiful wife Claudia


Rob Rowsell is an award winning real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Las Vegas, NV. His steadfast guidance has helped countless people just like you to turn their lives around. Formerly a homeless drug addict, Rob decided that he was DONE with that life. He turned instead to his faith in Jesus Christ, who gave Rob a clean slate that no person could give him before. Through hard work and the constant support of his family, he then found success in the fields of both auto repair and property investment. Rob’s best selling autobiographical book Addicted to Life details his incredible journey.

Today, Rob coaches ATL All-In Community members on business ownership and wealth management. Rob believes in Full Rounded success: health, your walk with the Lord, relationships, and wealth. You can also see him speak at various conferences about his incredible journey, and watch him renovate homes and multi-family properties on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Rob is also an avid fitness enthusiast, having competed in the Boston Marathon and other races.


Media Coverage

Interview after receiving the National Academy of Best Selling Authors Award

Rob and Claudia Rowsell Honored by Senator Joel Anderson