rob rowsell

Carm Capriotto interviews rob on this compelling 2019 episode of Remarkable Results Radio.

Show Summary

Rob Rowsell is a shop owner and author who is an inspiration to the automotive aftermarket. His story of the transition from a homeless individual to a recognized success is a story fit for the ages. He owns Family Auto Service in La Mesa, CA. His 4 shops employed 50 plus employees and 2 of those shops have revenues of $2 Million annually. His success is an inspiration to the automotive industry and built on resilience.

Rob authored the book “Addicted to Life: How I Went from Homeless to Extraordinary Success and Happiness in a Short Period of Time”. It is an easy read with chapters mean to relate to the ordinary person. It is a guideline of building blocks on how to improve your leadership along the way. Addiction affects at least ⅓ of our population. If you don’t know a thing about addiction or you need to learn how to deal with a peer, loved one or yourself, this interview is for you.

A very candid and authentic story of challenges and overcoming obstacles, this episode will not disappoint.

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"Addicted to Life" Chapter 3 Review - Create a Wave of Momentum

"Addicted to Life" Chapter 3 Review - Create a Wave of Momentum

In this chapter review webinar, Rob talks about how the world rewards action. He explains how stacked actions create the wave of momentum. The biggest battle we have is between our ears. Being outside your comfort zone is where life begins.


You have got to be done!

Rob begins this series describing the moment he decided he was done with his drug addicted, prison bound lifestyle. To read about the rest of his story, buy the book “Addicted to Life” today at


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