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Our mission at MBS Solutions

MBS Solutions, LLC is dedicated to the solution of recovery (mind, body, & spirit) for those who struggle with living life free from life’s unmanageability. These services are for those serious about getting their life on track and seek additional support and safety that a structured sober living environment offers. This has proven to be a key component for making a successful reintegration to independent living. Clients participate in community related sober activities while working, volunteering, or continuing their educations.

MBS Solutions are a group of Sober Living houses that provide an environment free from drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Lack of a stable alcohol and drug free living environment has proven to be a detriment to recovery for even the most highly motivated individuals. A critically important aspect of one’s social network is their living environment and their involvement in 12 step recovery programs.

Be in charge of your own recovery!

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