“Addicted to Life” Book Photos

Chapter 1


Probation Officer Jennifer Adams in 2016

Geo Prizm that fit everything we owned

2 Door Geo Hatchback we lived in

Chapter 2

Parasailing: Overcoming Fear and Taking Action!


Chapter 3

Court and Probation Matters

Tunex w/Richard and the team

Rehab Graduating Group

Graduating class at the 30-day rehab, December 1999

That’s me – Sitting on the wall on the left.

Our First Home

Our first home, purchased at three years sober.

Our first home, purchased at three years sober.

Chapter 4

Weight Loss Photos

Tunex Awards

My Ride to Work

Motor scooter

Chapter 5

Our First Shop – 2004

Chapter 6

Marriage Encounters 2005

Our Motorhome Backing Test

Motorhome with Durango

Renewing Our Wedding Vows

Our Marriage Mentors – Mike and Jaime Petruccelli

Mike and Jaime Petruccelli

Covenant Marriage License

Covenant Marriage License

Our first home, purchased at three years sober

Rob Rowsell and Claudia with their first home, purchased at 3 years sober.

Chapter 7

2010: Our 2nd Auto Repair Shop – Bob Bowen

Bob Bowen Working on his Motorcycle

Bob Bowen working on his motorcycle

2009: Hall of Fame Award

Real Estate Wall of Certificates

Real Estate Wall of Certifications

Me and My RE Coach

Mark Ray, my real estate coach

Chapter 8

2014: 3rd Auto Repair Shop Renovation

A Couple of Success Stories