Rob opens up the group to a victory huddle. During this time, our community shares our wins, losses, and challenges with each other. Adding new family members was surprisingly the sole topic. We discussed new great grandchildren being born and the joy of quality time with kids and grandkids. One guest also brought up his recent blessing of adding a new son in law or daughter in law to his family by marriage.

Adding New Family Members - Joy of Children and GrandchildrenVictory Huddle on New Family Members and Quality Time

The conversation starts off with Rob contrasting the game of football with other endeavors in life. Seasoned pro athletes may not need to huddle in order to win on the field. However, in the game of life, sharing our wins with others in a tight knit group is key for success. Sometimes that means opening up about our challenges and failures, allowing others to lift us up. It can also mean celebrating our victories in the huddle.

Gary informed us he and his wife just welcomed their twelfth great grandchildren. Rob added that the Bible teaches us that the birth of grandchildren is a reward for a life lived wisely. He mentioned how things like playing catch with our kids and grandkids may seem small to us, but they are building huge memories for them. When Rob and Claudia bought their motorhome, one goal was taking one week out of the year to take their grandkids on vacation with them.

Another group member Brad shared the victory of his son getting married recently. Rob reminded us this is another opportunity to mentor his new daughter in law.

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