Have you ever experienced hardships you thought you would never overcome? Today’s guest is best selling author of the book, “Addicted to Life – Your 8-Step Formula for Achievement,” Rob Rowsell. Rob’s story is one of both hardship and triumph, as well as  inspiration. Learn about prosperity through multifamily real estate investing from someone who has lived it!

Rob struggled with a life of drug addiction, which led him to homelessness. After meeting his future wife, he decided he was “done.” Rob began his extraordinary journey of recovery and entrepreneurial success. This journey has landed him in the Hall of Fame for two different prominent real estate mentorship programs. He is also now a best selling author.

Rob shares his 8 step formula for achievement with us that can apply to any aspect of our lives:

  1. You have got to be done.
  2. Get uncomfortable and then take action.
  3. You must create the wave of momentum.
  4. Prepare now for what’s coming.
  5. You must be open to the unexpected.
  6. You won’t always feel like your winning.
  7. Understand the law of exposure.
  8. You won’t do it alone.

Rob is a huge advocate of coaches in every aspect of his life in order to continue to build success. Set 1, 3, and 5 year goals and then develop quarterly action plans to pave your path of success. Coaches will not only guide you but also help to hold you accountable. You should always invest in yourself.

About Prosperity Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing

This podcast is for anyone seeking to learn how to create a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom by investing in multifamily properties. Whether you are an aspiring syndicator or a passive investor seeking better returns and cash flow from your investments, this show is for you. Cody Laughlin, John Batey, and Brian Alfaro speak to industry experts, in order to discuss all aspects of multifamily real estate investing. They seek to help all multifamily real estate investors to both improve their education and learn proven strategies to grow their businesses.


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