Remarkable Results Radio Episode 417: Achieving Success on a Curved Road


Key Talking Points:

  • “Addicted to Life: How I went from homeless to extraordinary  success and happiness in a short period of time” by Rob Rowsell
    • Relatable book for everyone- shop owners and managers
    • Readers are leaders- start by reading a few chapters every couple days
    • Addiction can be other than drugs and alcohol, can be food and cigarettes etc
    • “You can’t coast uphill” – either getting better or getting worse, cannot coast success
    • Small successes can slow momentum- for example: losing weight is a success but maintaining weight is long term lifestyle. Can’t get complacent after your small success
    • Get outside of your comfort zone or you aren’t growing and learning
    • Success is a curved road- can only see so far until you get to a curve
  • 8 Building blocks in “Addicted to Life”
    • 1) Be done- announce to yourself and the rest of the world
    • 2) Get uncomfortable and take action
    • 3) Create the wave of momentum
    • 4) Prepare now for what’s coming- growth
    • 5) Must be open to the unexpected
    • 6) You won’t always feel like you are winning
    • 7) Must understand the law of exposure- you are what you’re surroundings are
    • 8) You won’t do it alone- success is a team sport
  • Working in the automotive industry
    • Had previous service advisor background
    • Was 45 days clean, applied to “work a day” job- filled out application honestly
    • Referred to an auto repair shop- hired and the owner became the mentor
    • An acquaintance of father was brainstorming about needing someone to take over repair shop
    • Timing will never be perfect for the opportunity
  • Has 4 shops
    • 3 shops make 2 mils each annually
    • 4th shop just opened in September