Offering Memorandum Review (OM)


Rob Rowsell stresses the importance of working closely with your CPA before you make an offering memorandum. Review the details and summary of your P & L every month, so if the day comes that someone wants to buy your business or real estate property, you’re ready to sell.

Offering Memorandum Checklist for Selling Business or PropertyAdvantages of an In-House Bookkeeper

Rob recalls an astounding previous experience of working with an outside CPA. When they returned his records, they had drawn up a P & L, despite not having anything organized. They didn’t ask any questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of his business. He then understood the advantages of hiring an in house bookkeeper.

Let’s say you have a potential buyer interested in your business. They will need to examine your books before making an informed purchase decision. When you don’t pay close attention to your numbers, they will come back with many questions that you as the owner can’t answer. If there are too many question marks surrounding your records, they may walk away. Who needs that headache?

If you have the capacity to employ your own bookkeeper, you should. Whether you’re gearing up for a sale, or providing numbers for your business coach, you always have the answers on hand. Your bookkeeper should know all of the categories and formulas needed to run the financial side of the business, so you, the owner, can focus on other duties.

Offering Memorandum Checklist – Review Your Finances Monthly

Next, Rob suggests a monthly numbers review with your financial officer. A single one hour meeting each month should do it. Don’t let any other tasks interrupt this important meeting. You need to concentrate on both the detailed and summary versions of your P & L statement.  Require that they generate those numbers by the 12th of each month. This way, you can make any course corrections necessary. Make sure you have a paper copy, so you can highlight important lines and make notes in the margin. Hold onto your copy for future reference.

This process is so crucial if you have a potential buyer. If you don’t have up to date numbers to include in the offering memorandum, you might miss out on a huge payday. Quarterback those numbers, because nobody will care as much as you do!

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