Asset Protection Umbrella

Asset Protection strategies to protect real estate are so important! If you do not file your numbers properly regarding your properties and liens, you open yourself up to litigation. Savvy attorneys notice when your real estate properties’ numbers are not right, so don’t slip up! Protect your assets!

Real Estate Protection Strategies - build your assets umbrella to cover all the paperwork basesStrategies To Protect Real Estate – Asset Protection Umbrella

Rob Rowsell opened up to the group about strategies to protect real estate that he learned from experience. The first step in building that asset protection umbrella is making sure you have all of your ducks in a row, paperwork wise.

When you buy new multi-family rental property, you will go through the arduous process of filling out a giant stack of papers at the courthouse. One of Rob’s friends and mentors advised him to make sure those forms show the correct amount of equity in the home. Do the math! Between the actual value of the property and your loan, you must enter in the right numbers at the County Assessor’s Office. Otherwise, you may leave yourself open to a messy lawsuit.

Make no mistake, some lawyers are sharks who swim around and examine public records. When you do not enter in your information correctly, they might just smell your blood in the water! Implement the legal strategies to protect real estate, or your mistakes could quickly cost you investments you’ve worked years for.

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Do you own multi-family properties? If not, do you aspire to one day? Then you should consider joining our online discussion group, the Addicted To Life Community! Each month, Rob Rowsell will teach you what you must do in order to build wealth in the real estate business. It’s not as easy as it looks! Property taxes, liens, and legal fees can be hard to navigate, so having a successful guide like Rob is clutch! Enroll today!




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