Kinds of Real Estate Deals Explained by a Successful Investor


Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained the kinds of real estate deals in easy to understand language? In this video, successful multi-family property investor Rob Rowsell does just that. Are you a cash flow investor? Perhaps are you looking for back end equity instead? Either way, you will learn the nuts and bolts of these investment deals in this video.

Types of Real Estate Deals - Investing in Multi-Family Luxury Apartment InvestingWhat Kinds of Real Estate Deals Are There? How Do They Work?

Rob starts the discussion off on the kinds of real estate deals. He explains that a cash flow investor puts his or her money into an investment and receives a regular return on it quickly. A back end deal, however, works differently. An extreme example of a back end equity play involves injecting capital into a new construction project. You may have to wait a long time in order to get a return on your investment. Some factors in that deal include waiting on the land purchase to go through, hiring contractors, and building inspections before getting paid. Depending on the specifics of your deal, your payout could come at different times during the life of the building. Many times, a balloon payment is made to catch investors up when the building is sold.

Other factors to consider is turnover of tenants and renovations to an existing property. If you are in a position to wait these out, you could conceivably make a greater return than you could over the life of a cash flow deal.

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