Cash On Cash Return Explained


In this clip from our ATL ATL Community Gathering, Rob Rowsell lays out the Cash On Cash Return Real Estate Formula. If you are an aspiring cash flow investor who is looking to replace your business income with recurring passive earnings, then this video is a must watch!

Satisfied Businessman Stacking his Cash On Cash ReturnRob Explains His Cash On Cash Return Real Estate Formula

Rob starts the clip out with a review of two real estate deals he is raising money for. Both of them would qualify as momentum plays. Over time, each investment will yield an average of  7% cash on cash return. Through renovations and rent increases, these properties’ values will increase. When he sells these properties, Rob uses a formula to calculate total returns. The back end equity earned, plus the cashflow from the five to seven year ownership will equal the total.

Rob then explained the principle of the 2X multiple, which is his goal typically with real estate holdings. In order to reach his stated goal of doubling his money, Rob may need to hold the investments longer than he had originally planned. For example, let’s say you had invested $100,000 in a property, kept it for six years, and earned back $140,000. Then you would divide $140,000 by six in order to arrive at around $23,000 profit per year. You will have roughly gotten a 23% return on your initial $100,000 investment after six years. That cash on cash return may sound too good to be true. However, in reality, it’s not!

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