Time and Funds

Setting up mailbox money strategies and stacking cash can keep you busy. Ultimately, though, you want to free up time for family and fun. Schedule an investment performance review with your CPA and see how close you are to meeting your goals. You may want to change your investment strategies. Perhaps you should move some money into different buckets, such as a Roth IRA, UBIT eligible businesses, or Index Funds.

It's time for a investment performance reviewInvestment Performance Review – Time and Funds

Rob starts the clip by discussing the theme of One Thing. Specifically, there is one thing that isn’t getting enough of your attention, but if you focused on it, it would make a huge difference. Between all of his investments and pursuits, many day to day tasks compete for his attention. Some things are important, but not urgent. One thing Rob came away from a recent conference needing to focus on was meeting with his CPA for an Investment Performance Review.

Taking some of that Quadrant 2 Time (concept courtesy Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) to regularly review your financial strategies. How much cash do you actually have on hand? What buckets are performing the best? Where should you invest your money when a tax free plan like a Roth IRA is at the center of your strategy? Reinvesting profits in passive income streams? Some may not pan out the way you envision.

Meeting with your CPA for a monthly Investment Performance Review is key to maximizing the bag of money you will have when you retire.

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