5 Lanes (Hot and Cold) – ATL Financial Discussion Community

The ATL Financial Discussion Community talks about the five lanes we can travel in with our lives. Rob encouraged each investor to improve on one problem area of their lives since last month’s investment conference. Both Rob and Gary are here to encourage the investors in our groups to live fulfilled, balanced lives.

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Rob opened up this segment with a review of the Five Lanes from the last call. Previously, each caller discussed how they rated their performance in each category. He reminded the ATL members that at the end of the day, he was there to help spark the change each of them needed. Last month, the roundtable members admitted they needed to improve areas of social interaction, health, and community service. If nobody improves, these Zoom calls are all for naught. Rob truly believes that anyone can reach his level of success if they focus, work hard, and be patient.

The five lanes we previously discussed ranged from fast (hot) to slow (cold), based on what level of priority they were. Specifically, Rob mentioned their correlation to JR Covey’s Four Quadrants of Time Management. The individual issues members mentioned fall into the social concerns in Quadrant Two. This means that they are important, but not urgent. Therefore, it is easy to put off improving those areas. Immediately, you won’t tell a difference, but over time, they will cause problems if you do not work on them.

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