Remarkable Results Radio Episode 417: Achieving Success on a Curved Road

Successful Real Estate Investor Rob Rowsell recently appeared on Remarkable Results Radio. The title of his episode “Achieving Success On A Curved Road”, refers of course to his amazing transformation from homeless drug addict to wealthy real estate investor.

Real Estate Investor Rob Rowsell on how he goes about achieving success.Achieving Success On a Curved Road – Key Takeaways

“Addicted to Life” by Rob Rowsell

  • This book is relatable for everyone, including auto repair shop owners and managers.
  • Readers are leaders, so start by reading a few chapters every couple days.
  • Addiction can be to things other than drugs and alcohol, such as food, television, or sex.
  • “You can’t coast uphill”. You are either getting better or getting worse, and you cannot coast success.
  • Small successes can often slow momentum. For example, losing weight is a success, but maintaining your healthy weight is long term lifestyle. You can’t get complacent after just one small success.
  • Get outside of your comfort zone, or you aren’t growing and learning.
  • Success is a curved road, and you can only see so far until you get to a curve.

8 Building Blocks for achieving success in “Addicted to Life”

  1. Be done – announce it, both to yourself and the rest of the world.
  2. Get uncomfortable and then take action.
  3. Create the wave of momentum.
  4. Prepare now for what’s coming – growth.
  5. You must always be open to the unexpected.
  6. You won’t always feel like you are winning.
  7. You must understand the law of exposure. You are what you surround yourself with.
  8. You won’t do it alone, because success is a team sport.

Working in the automotive industry

  • Rob had previous experience as a Service Advisor.
  • He was 45 days clean when he applied to work a day job, and he filled out the application honestly.
  • Referred to an auto repair shop, the owner hired him and then became his mentor.
  • An acquaintance of his father was brainstorming about needing someone to take over repair shop.
  • Timing will never be perfect if you are waiting for the perfect opportunity, so be prepared for anything.

Has 4 shops

  • Three shops make $2 million each annually.
  • The fourth shop just opened in September 2019.

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