No Job – Investment Income Only!

How close are you to absolute financial freedom? Rob Rowsell talks about how to grow your money and live off of investment income only. Rob has transitioned from a multiple business owner to a multiple family real estate investor. Who better to take advice from? Rob has learned the hard way how to avoid unwise investments and do his due diligence to ensure his income only comes from his properties.

Tasks to Transition to Living Off of Your Investment Income

How can you stack up cash from your real estate property and live on investment income alone?Rob starts off the clip laying out his current financial situation. He no longer holds a conventional “W-2” job. Therefore, he depends solely on his apartment holdings to generate cash. Reinvesting that cash wisely is his key to maintaining financial freedom. Do you still have a full time day job? You can still take steps to eventually fund your lifestyle solely from investment income. If you dedicate just eight hours per quarter to your investments, you are well on your way.

We talk often about the Vitality Spreadsheet. Examining this document will help you determine the income amounts you need in order to meet basic needs, then live with vitality, and, finally, achieve total financial freedom. You must take time to thoroughly vet potential property investments, while reviewing your numbers with a fine toothed comb. If that sounds like a part time job, that’s because it is! However, performing your due diligence will pay dividends for you and any potential investment partners down the line.

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