Calculating Your Blended Tax Rate For Real Estate Investment

How does a successful real estate investor calculate their blended tax rate? Let Addicted to Life’s Rob Rowsell teach you the secret formula so you won’t pay more taxes than you have to!

Blended Tax Rate for Real Estate InvestorsRob Explains Blended Tax Rate For Real Estate Investors

Let’s do the math! Rob lays out a theoretical income amount for the group to consider. On a sample effective annual gross income of $400,000, Rob calculates a blended tax rate of 2%. That may sound small, but it in fact adds up to $8,000.

Jake Garcia asks our host for a clarification. Rob shows his work with a very simple equation. You start with your annual total gross income. Then divided it by all the taxes you paid at the end of the year. When you solve this equation, you will end up with your blended tax rate.

Finally, Rob makes sure to clarify that he does not hate paying taxes to his state and federal governments! Taxes are necessary for the United States to build roads, employ police officers, and provide equipment for the armed forces to defend our freedom.

As any business owner with many investments to look after would tell you, he just does not want to pay more than he actually owes by mistake. That means more cash on hand to invest in his family, his staff, and his eventual retirement goals.

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