Wealthy Investor Unlocks Real Estate Wholesale For Beginners

Rob Rowsell started from nothing to become a wealthy investor. In this video, Rob explains real estate wholesale for beginners. Rob has mastered the art of wealth building through property investing. Learn from the best and join Rob’s community!

Wholesale Real Estate for Beginners - Home InvestingReal Estate Wholesale For Beginners – How To Start Investing

The real estate market in the United States has exploded in recent years as property values have risen. Naturally, savvy investors have jumped in and reaped huge benefits. If you’re just getting started in property investing, how do you get a foot in the wholesaling game? On a recent ATL Inner Circle Community gathering, Rob unveiled the secrets to the real estate wholesale strategy.

When Rob buys a wholesale property, he approaches the seller with paperwork in hand, and a very small amount of cash. His “Favorite Five” investors are standing by, cash in hand, awaiting the results of the inspection and termite check he has commissioned. Having developed great relationships with these buyers, many of them pitch in for the property sight unseen. God blessed Rob with these connections, and he has worked very hard to cultivate them. As you gain experience in the real estate investing market, it’s up to you to leverage these connections when you find them.

Rob finally sums everything up, stating that real estate wholesale is a great way for beginners to get into buying property. It is also one of his favorite strategies, because of the low barrier of entry, cost wise. As long as you study, network, and choose properties wisely, you are bound to find success.

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