Addicted to Life Chapter 2 Review: “Get Uncomfortable and Take Action”

"Addicted to Life" Chapter 2 Review - Get Uncomfortable and Take Action!

"Addicted to Life" Chapter 2 Review - Get Uncomfortable and Take Action!

In this fresh webinar, Rob Rowsell reviews Chapter 2 of his best selling motivational book Addicted To Life. The chapter theme is “Get Uncomfortable and Take Action”. In the first chapter, Rob talks about the moment he declared that he was done with his life of drug addiction. That turning point led him to the next step, taking action to escape to a new life, living for God and working hard to succeed.

Rob Rowsell with his best selling motivational book Addicted to LifeMotivational Book Chapter Review Continued

Rob also discusses the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. Rob and many other successful business owners read this book annually. Specifically, Rob covers Covey’s concept of the Four Quadrants in detail. Repeat after me: I am an Action Taker and I am done settling for “Good Enough”!

Learn about the concept of Advantage with a capital “A”. Then learn about how you can take action in order to achieve transformation. What about asking the question “When is enough enough”? Is that really a healthy thinking pattern? Other topics include the curved road, humility photos, bulldogs, and becoming the head of the pack in your marketplace. Rob was a shining beacon today and totally on fire! This discussion is both powerful and enlightening, so watch and learn.

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